Legal Hotline


Reviron Realty offers Free access to legal questions. Please email your question to and we will endeavor to respond within 24 hours.


As a Realtor you will also have access to CAR Legal Hotline.


The C.A.R. Legal Hotline offers members the incredible benefit of receiving free legal advice over the telephone on a vast array of real-estate related topics such as contract interpretation, arbitration, litigation, tax issues, commission disputes, disclosure requirements, fair housing issues, laws governing homeowners' associations, and so on.   By contacting the C.A.R. Legal Hotline you can speak directly to one of C.A.R.'s attorneys.  Since its debut in 1979, C.A.R. attorneys have answered more than 600,000 questions about real estate law and brokerage practice.



Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.  Saturday, from 10 a.m. -  2 p.m. on a first come first serve basis by calling (213) 739-8282 only. The (213) 739-8350 and (213) 739-8286 numbers are not available on Saturdays. (due to limited staffing the Saturday Hotline service is only for questions regarding active transactions)

ARE YOU NEW TO C.A.R.?     If so, please read the Legal Q&A, Member Legal Hotline, for information about this service before contacting the Legal Hotline.   SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION TO THE HOTLINE:

Online:  Click here to submit your legal question.


Fax:      (213) 480-0864


Phone: (213) 739-8282  (for agents)


WHETHER YOU SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION ONLINE, BY E-MAIL OR FAx:  PLEASE KEEP YOUR DESCRIPTION OF THE ISSUE SHORT (2-3 short paragraphs--there is a 2000 character maximum computer software limit on messages relayed to attorneys).  YOU'LL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE MORE DETAILS WHEN YOU TALK TO AN ATTORNEY.  One of our C.A.R. attorneys will telephone you to discuss your legal question, so please be sure to indicate the name of any other licensee involved in your question/transaction as well as your telephone number.