New Agent - Mentor Program


Any new inexperienced agent is offered the opportunity to be assigned to a Top Producing agent as an Assistant for a period of 3 months. He or she is to work closely with a top producing agent, shadowing  them for a period prior to transitioniong to to a Tier 2 Agent.


It is the Top Producing agents responsibility to train, answer questions, and teach all facets of  Real Estate. These agents should be like brothers or brother and sister for this period.


New agent shall be on a 50/50 (Tier 1) split with Reviron Realty. Experienced agent to receive 20 percent of commissions produced during this mentoring period.


After the Mentoring period, new agent will remain on 50/50 status until 3 transactions are completed. At that time said agent would proceed to a 60/40 (Tier 2) split. From the end of the Mentoring period until the completion of the 3-transaction the Top Producing agent will receive $250 per transaction.