Social Media - What to Do

"So how do I use social media for my business". This is a question many of us ask ourselves. It is becoming more and more important to understand when and how.

There isn't a one size fits all strategy when marketing on various social networks. What that means is you shouldn't be using Facebook the same way you use Twitter. Too many business owners do just that, and too many fail in their efforts. Instead, when you use a specific social network, have a goal in mind and know exactly why you are using it.

To help you create a social media marketing strategy that is effective, check out the tips below from Breakthrough Broker.


Facebook is a great platform to use to communicate your value as a real estate agent. When posting on Facebook keep in mind the 80/20 rule, even if you don't have a business page. That is, you post engaging, industry related content 80% of the time. These posts should be consumer based, providing your followers with information on all things real estate (and not just your listings!). The other 20% of the time post about personal happenings like a community event or a friend's housewarming party.


When using Instagram, it best to think of it as photo book of your life, both personally and professionally. The goal on Instagram is to show consumers you are their local real estate professional and have an active, diverse work and personal life. Consumers feel connected to companies, or professionals, who are interested in and do the same things they do. This can increase your chances for inbound leads and local recognition.


Twitter is best for promoting content from your website and engaging in a conversation. Specifically, Twitter should be thought of as a means to end, and that end being your website. Remember to always add a picture and a relevant hashtag to each tweet. Be cautious when selecting a hashtag and do your research first to avoid ending up in an unrelated or controversial thread. It can take time to build a Twitter following, but with dedication and strategic planning, it can happen!


Use YouTube specifically for a listing or self promotion. After you upload a video on YouTube, share it on other social networks that support video well, such as Facebook or Twitter, to get your content in front of as many viewers as possible. As a best practice, add your logo, contact information, and other relevant text to the video to make it easy for potential clients to reach you.


Business owners may find it difficult to benefit from Pinterest; however, it too can be a great way to increase your online presence and website traffic. The goal on Pinterest is to get as many pictures re-pinned as possible because the more people who like/share your photos, the greater your chances are for lead generation. As a best practice, personalize the text and add your website to each pin - even if it is a re-pin.


LinkedIn is the perfect network to share your professional accomplishments. Leverage LinkedIn as a resource for potential leads to see your credentials and experience as a realtor. One of the most powerful features of LinkedIn is the recommendations feature because they are viewable by anyone who can see your profile, include potential clients. Ask former or current clients to leave you a recommendation if they were satisfied with their experience. Also, add your contact information and ask for skill endorsements from your clients, friends, and family

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