Ever Get Bogged Down?


Too Much Paperwork?


Want to Focus on Making Money?


Need a Transaction Coordinator?


We are able to offer our in house TC service to our agents. This valuable service will make your Real Estate business less stressful and more successful.


  • Qualified Transaction Coordinators

  • Reduced stress

  • Reduced work load

  • Keep compliant

  • Full communication with Seller/Buyer, Escrow, Selling/Listing Agent

  • Free you up to obtain more business


Transaction Coordinator Fees:


  • Buyers Agent  $399

  • Listing Agent   $399

  • Dual Agent      $500



"The best decision I ever made was hiring a Transaction Coordinator" John 


"I was skeptical. Why spend the money I said. I can do it myself I said. Well yes I could but my time was better spent generating the next sale, not bogged down with all the paperwork" Carlos